Cat Shaped Pillows

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The Cat Dimension knows that they rule the world and decided to offer the Merchant of the Universe their products to disperse around earth. These pillows, shaped in the silhouette of their beings are a sign of showing their adorable figures. 

They suggested that you buy one for your bed and sofa. 

(Allow 2-4 weeks of processing.)

Cats believe that they are to be leaders. In fact, cats in ancient Egypt were represented in social and religious practices of Ancient Egypt for more than 3000 years. Several Ancient Egyptian deities were depicted and sculptured with cat-like heads such as Mafdet, Bastet and Sekhmet, representing justice, fertility and power. The deity Mut was also depicted as a cat and in the company of a cat.

Cats were praised for killing venomous snakes and protecting the Pharaoh since at least the First Dynasty of Egypt. Skeletal remains of cats were found among funerary goods dating to the 12th Dynasty. The protective function of cats is indicated in the Book of the Dead, where a cat represents Ra and the benefits of the sun for life on Earth. Cat-shaped decorations used during the New Kingdom of Egypt indicate that the cat cult became more popular in daily life. Cats were depicted in association with the name of Bastet. 


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