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Merchant of the Universe shop was founded some time ago in the past or the future or right now down deep in the void. But seriously, in the first half of 2017, you time-locked peeps. No location, cause it's the internet. Yes, I like to keep it light.

I scour the universe (and then some alternate ones) for interesting and novel things at low prices. Braved a few wormhole storms and non-Euclidean creatures to get you the goods. You can strike up a bargain with me. I don't bite.

Fancy way of saying nerdy, geeky, science fiction, fantasy stuff for cheap.

My shop specializes in galaxy stuff, though. Starry prints. Galaxy style. Gazing towards the night sky. Traveling space. Looking into the void.

Hopefully, you will do business with me!


The Merchant of the Universe

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