Dog Harness Collar

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Don't settle for annoying neck collars! The dog harness is a much sturdier accessory that spreads the leash pull all over fido's body. Your dog will thank you.

A pet harness is equipment consisting of straps of webbing that loop nearly around—that fasten together using side release buckles—the torso of an animal, typically a quadrupedal mammal such as a dog, cat, pig, or rabbit; however, there are harnesses for parrots and other birds.

These harnesses generally are made to have both a strap on the chest in front of the forelimbs, and a strap around the torso behind the forelimbs, with straps in between connecting these two for reinforcement. Having a D-ring suitable for (pet tags and) a leash to clip to, they are most often used to simply restrain an animal, but dogs also particularly wear them to assist a person with a disability or haul people and items.

Warning: This is harness is meant for dogs.

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