The Northern Lights 9/1/19

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Nature never seems to fail at surprising, and one phenomenon that showcase the beauty of the world is the Northern Lights. This year they're making a show for themselves farther than they usually appear. Read more below to find out where you could expect these beautiful lights.

Northern Lights 9/1/19

The Northern Lights are created to appear from emitting energy into the sky. The particles from the sun are where these lights are coming from. The particles interact with the earth's magnetic field along with the oxygen and nitrogen from the sky.

Recent news of this phenomenon is now just spreading out hours before it could be sighted in farther parts of the earth where there is usally no sighting.

These include the states of Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. According to TIME, the history of the Northern Lights go back all the way to 700 A.D. along with the ancient Chinese and Greek people.

However, these sightings are not always probable. Look out of clear and dark skies for a chance of a better view. Looking for these wonders can be very rewarding and can add some excitement to life.

If you are unable to, try accompanying the excitement with a bonfire, camping, stargazing, and an excuse for a cookout.

These sightings have been spotted earlier in the U.S. and Canada during August 31st which does promise a possible viewing in certain parts of the world.

The reason why it is very probable, is because of the Geometric storm that NOAA has announced.

For further insight on the current Northern Lights, check out Forbes for their recent post online.

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