September Friday the 13th: A Harvest Moon

Posted by Thyanne Garcia on

An event that hasn't occurred in the last 20 years is happening. On September 13th, which is a Friday on the 13th, we will be having a harvest full moon. 

It may seem a little spooky that on Friday the 13th, a superstitious unlucky day, there will be a harvest moon.

However coincidentally that would seem, the harvest moon is a moon of celebration of the closing of harvest. What the harvest moon really means, is that it is the introducing of winter and it is the day when the last harvest has begun. The light emitted from this far distant moon (which is in the most distant elliptical orbit around the earth) is used to our advantage to harvest. 

Even though the moon is really small in view for us, the light will last for a long while because it is moving slowest out of our sight.

It may seem very exciting as well this year, because we encountered a black supermoon on July 31st this year, a moon that we could not see even when it was in close proximity to us. 

How opposite that may seem, I don't believe it is a coincidence because the world is mathematically correct with laws and order. 

Overall, I wish you to enjoy the light that emits from this harvest moon as a way of celebration and not a day to fear. 


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