Galaxy T-Shirts

Posted by Thyanne Garcia on

The galaxy is a mysterious place. It's deeper than the ocean and darker than it's depths; but because the Merchant of the Universe stops by Earth occasionally, there's a few products he would have on hand for us earthlings. One of these products are galaxy t-shirts. His shirt collection consists of other products than just galaxy themed t-shirts, but soon they will be put away to keep his product selection unique and light. 

However, while they are still here, we will be featuring these products that the Merchant offers. 

These t-shirts are made of lycra and polyester, a combination fit for the heavens. We feature the galaxy shirt which impresses the consumer the depths of its magnificence and consumes the wearer, leaving the trails of the galaxy within them. 

The next t-shirt we feature is the Starry Night Shirt. Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, this shirt themes shades of blue streamlining the body all around. 

If you are more the dreamer, the fish in the sky might be more of your taste. 

And maybe if you are a cat enthusiast, the rings around your world probably revolves around a cat like this t-shirt.

Either way, the Merchant of the Universe has a collection set for those hoping to explore the endless universe. 

Check the catalog for the t-shirts here.

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